Model borrows money for fake breast implants, wins beauty contest

kristin kamenova

The Hush Post: Kristin Kamenova is not a regular celebrity or page 3 name. She came in the news recently for a totally different reason: For having fake breast implants which earned her the name Miss Silicone Star.

Kristin, who comes from Sofia in Bulgaria borrowed money from near and dear ones. She also took loan for plastic surgery.

kristin kamenova
Kristin Kamenova

Even though, many criticised her, she said that it was much better than being boastful about owning a good phone or something as pointless as that.

Kristin now has 20,000 followers more on instagram than the number she had them before. She said that there are many who undergo plastic surgery or breast augmentation in the entertainment industry. At the same time they hide this fact. But one should leave it to them what to do with their bodies and not intervene unnecessarily.

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