Mahi Gill reveals she is in a live-in relationship and has a daughter

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Bollywood actress Mahi Gill’s life has been a secret of sorts with fans having less knowledge about the diva. The Dev D actress is known for her bold avatar onscreen and has made a shocking revelation. The Bollywood diva has revealed that she has been living in a live-in relationship for a long time and has a daughter from the relationship.

In an interview to Deccan Chronicle, Mahi Gill talked about her personal life and revealed many secrets about her. The revelation has taken the Bollywood industry by strorm.

Mahi Gill is known for her bold roles in movies like Saheb Biwi Gulam and Not A Love Story. This is for the first time that she has opened up about herself.

The Dev D actress also revealed about her upcoming project Family of Thakurganj. She said that she has a boyfriend and has been living with him for a long time now.

Mahi said that she will soon marry her boyfriend but that won’t make any difference to her present relationship status. “I need independence and space”, she said.

“Yes we are in a live-in relationship. We respect each other and will marry soon”, she added

The actress said she has a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter from the relationship. She is named Veronica. She said that her daughter lives with her and her aunt takes care of her. “I try my best to be with her in Mumbai”, she said.

Mahi Gill is known among the finest actresses in Bollywood. Recently, she was seen in web series Apharan.

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