Many Miss Universe & Miss World pageants are rigged; at times Trump & likes decided at night the winner next morning

Beauty pageant sex

The Hush Post: Miss World, Miss Universe and such like contests are places where men of influence try to fish for the beauty pageants, ask them to sleep, a one night stand and much more.

Former beauty queen Shaida Buari who represented Ghana at the prestigious Miss World 2003 pageant said that during the Miss Ghana pageant in 2002 she was incessantly pressurised for sex. Shaida who emerged winner that year at Miss Ghana pageant said her journey was a tough one.

The former beauty queen said it took the intervention of God for her to skip the net of men who were so eager to sleep with her, wanted her on their beds and she was sexually haunted after the incident. Explaining further, she said the act of men demanding sex from ladies before helping them has gone as far as the oil and gas industry, where she currently works.

“It all boils down to morality. Thankfully, I can beat my chest that I never allowed myself to be used by any man. No man slept with me in the name of Miss Ghana”.

During the Miss Universe finals, Donald Trump who had picked the event along with NBC had much influence over results. Sometimes Trump would overrule the judges and arbitrarily choose the finalists.trump

In yet another case, Ashleigh Blake never dreamed of becoming a beauty queen. But when a recruitment associate for Miss California USA, the state franchise in Donald Trump’s Miss Universe pageant ecosystem, sent Ashleigh a message in November 2012 expressing interest in a meeting, she replied instantly. And what followed was after a few days, a middle-man asked for a sexual favour at a parking lot.

Carrie Prejean’s scandalous advent began when at the Miss America 2009 competition she was asked about her views on same-sex marriage.

Prejean responded that a marriage “should be between a man and a woman,” for which she received a lot of hate from the public. Prejean, after the pageant, fell into even bigger controversy when she posted nude pictures of her online, and publicly said that the Miss USA pageant was totally rigged.


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