Now catfight over vagina remark by Swara: “…It’s funny an actress who plays prostitute feels like a vagina”

Swara Bhaskar was a vehement supporter of Bhansali till Padmaavat released. Now she has written an open letter to him criticising the film.

The Hush Post: Actress Swara Bhaskar wrote a 2,440-word open letter to Padmaavat director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. But only one sentence, in fact, one word out of that sentence came into focus. In the letter published in The Wire, Swara Bhaskar said that Bhansali had glorified Sati and Jauhar and added she felt reduced to a vagina by the end of it. “I felt like a vagina-only.”

Minutes after the open letter, former actress-cum-singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi took to Twitter to backchat. “It’s funny that an actor who plays an ‘erotic dancer/prostitute’ with such elan should feel like a vagina after watching a story of a pious queen. What standards are these …tch tch,”she wrote on twitter. Krishnomoorthi was referring to Swara’s role in Anaarkali of Arrah.

Then Swara did get back again at Krishnamoorthi, and said that she wrote over 2,400 word fairly comprehensible article trying to argue her point of view. However, only one word was picked — the word Vagina!!! So… Vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina……………vagina vagina VAGINA!!!!!,” she wrote.

However, she very slyly didn’t respond to the question raised between the lines by Krishnamoorthi, that isn’t playing a prostitute misogynistic and glorification of a ‘vagina.’ Earlier, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat released amid pandemonium from the fringe outfit Karni Sena and now is about to touch a Rs 100 crore mark by January end.

These are the points raised in Swara Bhaskar’s open letter to Bhansali.

  • Women have the right to live, despite being raped sir.
  • Women have the right to live, despite the death of their husbands, male ‘protectors’, ‘owners’, ‘controllers of their sexuality’.. whatever you understand the men to be.
  • Women have the right to live — independent of whether men are living or not.
  • Women have the right to live. Period.
Some more basic points:
  • Women are not only walking talking vaginas.
  • Yes, women have vaginas, but they have more to them as well. So their whole life need not be focused on the vagina, and controlling it, protecting it, maintaining it’s purity. (Maybe in the 13th century that was the case, but in the 21st century we do not need to subscribe to these limiting ideas. We certainly do not need to glorify them. )
  • It would be nice if the vaginas are respected; but in the unfortunate case that they are not, a woman can continue to live. She need not be punished with death, because another person disrespected her vagina without her consent.
  • There is life outside the vagina, and so there can be life after rape. (I know I repeat, but this point can never be stressed enough.)
  • In general there is more to life than the vagina.

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