Here is a gym where both sexes can go full monty running, weight-training, yoga, swimming

A natural way to exercise, go really naked to your gym

gym for nakedThe Hush Post: A gym where you can go naked or would you? A wellness centre in Paris has become the talk of the internet as it is the first to welcome nudists to partake in a range of sports including yoga, water aerobics, swimming and gym sessions – even the swimming instructors demonstrate strokes in their simplest attire!

According to, while members are allowed to go naked, towels are a must and they must be used on the gym equipment. Also swimmers must always wear a swimming cap! These new gym sessions for the nudist have been started by the Paris Naturists’ Association, which also has the Roger Le Gall swimming pool, located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, two evenings a week.

Since this new policy, the group’s members appear to be swelling in number, both men and women. Earlier the Paris Naturists’ Association had inspired the Bois de Vincennes, located in east of Paris, to designate a spot for nudists.

Members of Paris Naturists’ Association have claimed that the initiative offers a return to our origins – a liberation from the material constraints of the present society.

Paris also recently welcomed its first naked restaurant, where up to 40 guests enjoy dining the natural way. This unusual restaurant is named O’naturel and is located at 9 Rue De Gravelle, only a short hop on the metro away.

While undertaking physical activity in the nude may no longer be mainstream practice in modern society, it was common in Ancient Greece. Ancient Greek athletes would compete naked, not only to flaunt their physical prowess, but also to pay homage to the Greek god Zeus, impressing him with the proof of having trained their bodies to their physical peak.

This tradition can be traced in the word “gymnasium” meaning “to train naked” in Greek, since “gymnos” translates to “naked”. In total, there are some 460 spots reserved for naked enjoyment in France, including 155 camping spots and 73 beaches. More than 2.6 million people in France have made nudism a regular habit, according to the France 4 Naturisme association, making the idea of a nudist restaurant a logical addition.

For those who are interested in joining one of the sessions, you are able to request a free trial invitation here.

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