Riding on his nana’s back, holding mamu’s hand, who is he? WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post|11:45pm| 2-min-read
Extraordinary people also lead ordinary lives. When it comes to Bollywood celebrities, nobody can match the madness of Indian fans and their hunger to lap up any such moment. A recent clip featuring actor Salman Khan, his father and veteran scriptwriter Salim Khan and Salman’s nephew Ahil is the latest catch on internet.
Salman’s sister and Ahil’s mother Arpita Khan Sharma shared a new video and wrote: “Sunday – Funday ! Family Time ?? Nana & Mamu Loving.”
In the clip, Salman’s father is giving Ahil a ride on his back while mamu Salman is holding his hand. Salim Khan can be heard asking his grandson, “Kidhar jaane ka hai?”
Salman keeps sharing his nephews videos every once in a while.Watch video

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