Rakshabandhan photos of comedian Kapil Sharma go viral

Rakshabandhan photos of comedian Kapil Sharma go viral

Fans of the comedian-turned-actor fans concerned about his health

The Hush Post: Stand-up comedian-turned-actor Kapil Sharma seems to have gone in hibernation keeps popping out from his slumber off and on by posting his photos on social media.

The comedian, whose personal and professional life had been hit by controversies, has taken a break from social media and is hardly seen publicly ever since his Twitter outbursts some months back. But, his photos often find their way to social media and go viral like a wildfire, a report said.

The latest photos show Kapil Sharma celebrating Rakshabandhan with his family. The stand-up comedian looks happy as he is seen spending time with his family. Kapil Sharma, who had accepted during an interaction with one of his fans that he has gained weight and was working on his fitness, still looks a pale shadow of himself, the report said.

Rakshabandhan photos of comedian Kapil Sharma go viral

The pictures had his fans concerned and they wrote on social media that they were glad to see Kapil Sharma but wanted him to be fit and healthy again. Many of his fans also queried when Kapil will return to the small screen, it was reported.

Kapil sister 2

Recently, it emerged that the stand-up comedian has collaborated with producer Sumeet Singh and actor Gurpreet Ghuggi for a Punjabi film, “Son of Manjeet Singh”. The comedian shared the details on Instagram: “The heart touching the story of Manjeet Singh n his son. Punjabi film “Son of Manjeet Singh”. Releasing on 12th oct 2018. First, look coming soon. Need ur blessings.”

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The stand-up comedian public sightings have decreased significantly since his very public outburst on Twitter, which he attributed to being overworked, but was also speculated to be because of a rumoured alcoholism, the report said.

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