Ranbir had 54.3 % in 10th, highest educated in family, Rishi failed class 8, others…Read more

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The Hush Post: Sanju star Ranbir Kapoor has confessed he was really bad at studies. However, he is still the highest educated in the Kapoor khandaan. According to Ranbir, he scored 54.3 per cent marks in Class X board exams.

“My father didn’t go beyond class eighth, Daboo uncle (Randhir Kapoor) failed in class IX and didn’t go beyond, my grandpa could not go beyond Class X. So when I got my board results, my grandma thought that Einstein has born into our family,” Ranbir said speaking to Aajtak.

Ranbir went to Bombay Scottish High School in Mahim. And by his own admission, he was good just at football and nothing else.

He, though, did not have particularly good childhood memories, as his parents fought and sometimes the fights would go on up till the morning. He would sit on the stairway with his head between his knees.

Ranbir, subsequently went on to study direction at a film institute in the US and then came back to assist Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Subsequently, he became Sanjay next lead in the film Saanwariya and never looked back. He does a lot of research to get into the role of his character.  Ranbir lived with a Jat family in Pitampura, Delhi to understand the finer nuances of his character in Rockstar made by Imtiaz Ali.

He says, he is thankful to Raj Kumar Hirani for offering him a film at a time which is probably his worst ever phase. He said that most of his scripts are handled by him and valuable inputs do come in from his mother Neetu Singh.

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