Salman’s Dus ka Dum to air on June 4 with questions like “In India, what percentage of men speak English to impress women?”

Salman Khan

The Hush Post: After Bigg Boss on Colors, Salman Khan is back and how!

The superstar will be back with the reality show 10 ka dum Season 3.

It’s been 9 years since Salman hosted the last season of it and now it has people, particularly fan excited to see him back.


And this time round, it’s the questions the participants will have to answer which will have them glued. One look at the promo and the adorable side of Salman is visible. In the video he could be seen asking a contestant a question: “In India, what’s the percentage of men who speak English to impress women?”

The woman contestant answers 80 per cent and wins the prize.

Salman, who is known to add a bit of spice with his enamouring personality to the show, is one reason why viewers were hooked to Bigg Boss.

The show is scheduled to premiere on June 4.

Salman took to his Instagram account to share the first promo of what’s in it for us.

Salman, at his charming best says, the show’s tagline, Jisse Zindagi Sikhaye use kaun haraye? (No one can defeat the person who has learnt a lot from his life’s experiences). Here’s the promo of the show:

The music video of Salman Khan’s Dus Ka Dum 3 will have Mika Singh, known for his energetic hi-octane performance.

The music video will feature Salman Khan grooving to the racy number and showcase almost all of his dance steps.

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