Sonam calls ‘Aunty’ Aishwarya Rai for her wedding. Will Aishwarya come?

Jasnoor Kaur, The Hush Post: Sonam and ‘Aunty Aishwarya’ were rivals for a long time. The reason wasn’t that Sonam called her ‘aunty.’ She probably called her one when Aishwarya displayed her unhappiness on Sonam walking the ramp as the face of L’Oreal at Cannes Film Festival – after all Aish was the global ambassador of L’Oriel while Sonam was its India ambassador.

Reports say that an agitated Sonam, after missing her French Riviera debut said, “Aishwarya is an aunty from another generation.” Later, she denied this comment saying that she was wrongly quoted.

However, burying the hatchet, the Neerja actress Sonam invited Aishwarya personally for her wedding.

Sonam calls ‘Aunty Aishwarya’ for wedding. Will she come?

Aishwarya Rai-Sonam Kapoor.

One of the biggest days of Sonam’s life is here and she has left the bitter past behind by inviting the beauty queen Aishwarya personally to her wedding. “Last week, when Sunita Kapoor bumped into Aishwarya at the wedding reception of Saudamini Mattu, the niece of designer Sandeep Khosla, she made it a point to greet her warmly and personally invited her for her daughter’s wedding. After a couple of days, Sonam also called up Aishwarya and invited her. They chatted for a few minutes after which Aishwarya graciously accepted the invitation. While the younger Bachchans (Aishwarya, Shweta, and Abhishek) have been invited by Sonam, the older ones have also been invited by both Anil and Sunita. Weddings are special moments, it’s a time to have fun and forget the past and everybody is doing just that for Sonam’s wedding. Abhishek has worked with her in two films – Delhi 6 and Players and both are good friends,” a source reported.

There has always been an aspect of competition between the two actresses whose outfits in Cannes have always been the talk of the town with debates and voting polls on who looked better. In 2017, when Aishwarya’s commitment with a famous jewellery line finished after three years, Sonam was given her place. The two Bollywood beauties were in a cold war a few years back until Abhishek Bachchan stepped in and made them sort out their issues in New Zealand in 2012.

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