Sonam Kapoor wears mangalsutra on wrist, accused of “decline in Indian culture”

Sonam Kapoor wears mangalsutra on wrist, accused of “decline in Indian culture”
Sonam Kapoor wears mangalsutra on wrist, accused of “decline in Indian culture”

The Hush Post: Actress Sonam Kapoor continues to make the news post her wedding. Earlier her wedding, the run-up to the ceremony, the main event and other things made the news. Post her wedding, Anil Kapoor’s daughter is still in news, this time for wearing her mangalsutra on her writs instead of her neck.

Earlier, Sonam Kapoor’s wedding and had faced criticism for her decision to conduct her wedding according to Sikh rituals. Even after her wedding with Anand Ahuja, but nobody seems to be in the mood to let go of the buzz surrounding their wedding, a report said.

Her attire, jewellery, designers, guest lists, food were discussed over and over in the run-up to her wedding. Sonam has managed to effectively play the role of bride both during and immediately after her wedding, the report said.

Soon after tying the knot, Sonam was seeing changing her name on social media. The Kapoor in her name was replaced with Ahuja which is her husband’s surname. It seems like Sonam is sticking to all the traditions associated with Indian brides. Now, Sonam was seen wearing a mangalsutra, the traditional neckpiece that the groom puts on the bride during the actual marriage ritual.

Usheeta Rawtani explained the story behind Sonam’s mangalsutra, “A mangalsutra is a sacred necklace that a groom ties around a bride’s neck in an Indian wedding ceremony.  This one was especially designed by the bride (@sonamkapoor) herself and executed by us. It has symbols of both their star signs. Hers being Gemini (on the left) and his Leo (on the right) these are complemented by a Solitaire in the centre.”

Recently, in one of Sonam’s high fashion Instagram pics that she put up while on promotion duty for Veere Di wedding, Sonam wore a lovely, red-white fusion suit. Her attire was complimented with black pumps and a leather box handbag. What could not be ignored was the mangalsutra which was wrapped around Sonam’s left wrist. This unconventional way of wearing the traditional neck piece is quite impressive and something that a fashion savvy Sonam could only pull off, the report said.

Sonam’s decision to wear the mangalsutra as a bracelet, however, was widely viewed as an insult to Indian culture by many social media users:

Sonam Kapoor tweet 1

Sonam Kapoort tweet 2

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