Student of the Year 2: A Dragged and Desi High School Musical


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Anusha Sharma- SOTY 2 goes back to familiar territory, but this time the reigns are in director Puneet Malhotra’s hands. However, Karan Johar’s school of film making is not amiss and rests heavily over the movie. The trailer itself had made it clear that taking the movie too seriously would be at your own risk. 

The Cinematography Analysis

Coming from the Dharma stables, the cinematography and picturization is in safe hands. Highly glossy and aesthetically positioned and shot, the movie is a spectacle for the eyes no doubt. However, it doesn’t make up for the screen time that runs well over two hours. When there are no prizes for guessing where the movie is headed towards, it’s in everyone’s interests to come to the point fast. 

The Character Analysis

The fleshing out of characters is halfhearted and disproportionate. Except for Shreya (Ananya Pandey), no one has a decent backstory to prop them up. As the rich, bad girl with a soft heart, Ananya gets the meatier part.

Tara Sutaria, playing Tiger’s childhood sweetheart Mridula, is seen in the audience stand cheering for the majority of the movie. Both the new bies do have a strong screen presence, but it’s not enough to hold attention of the audience.

Tiger Shroff does what he is most comfortable at; dance, fight and show off his astonishing flexibility. Playing Rohan Sachdev, a muscular ‘teenager’ in love, it’s a role that Tiger could do in his sleep by now.

Plus factors of the movie

However, a surprise found here is actor Aditya Seal playing Manav Singh Randhawa, the college stud. Although handed over with a paper thin character and cartoonish lines, he manages to do a sincere job.

Social media sensation Harsh Beniwal as Tiger’s ‘chuddy buddy’ too makes his silver screen debut and is endearing. It’s heartening to watch that Bollywood is sitting up and taking notice of these online content creators.

Overall Analysis

So you settle in and don’t ask questions like why there are no academic teachers in this college. Why does a movie set in Dehradun have Tiger Shroff swaying to a song called “Jatt Ludhiyane Da”.  But the suspension of disbelief can only last so long. It becomes all the more hard when the framework of the movie deviates only slightly from the first one. In fact, the movie uses tropes so predictable that they could have easily been lifted from a 90s Bollywood drama. The rich vs poor, the underdog rise, fist fights, a smug villain, and the good old love triangle.


Who should watch this movie?

The movie will be best enjoyed by those who are still clutching on to Bollywood’s “song and dance” days or Tiger Shroff enthusiasts. But let’s not forget that the first movie gave us talented stars like Alia Bhatt despite being written off initially. Will the franchise prove to be two times lucky?


Overall Rating: 2/5

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