When Veeru Devgan came along with 200 fighters to save son Ajay from an angry mob; WATCH VIDEO

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B-town has paid rich tributes to Ajay Devgan’s father and popular action director Veeru Devgan who passed away on May 27. Remembering the action director, a Twitter user has posted an old video on his page where filmmaker Sajid Khan tells how Veeru Devgan once arrived with around 200 of his stuntmen to save Ajay from an angry mob.

In the video, Ajay Devgan can be heard saying that he has been beaten up many times in public. ‘Once around 20-25 people came together and beat us, Do you remember that day?’ he says pointing at Sajid.

Sajid, who is hosting the show, reveals that once he, Ajay and three other friends were roaming around in Mumbai in Ajay’s white jeep. He said, “When entered a narrow lane near hotel Holiday, a kid who was chasing a kite suddenly came in front of his jeep and Ajay immediately applied the brakes. It wasn’t Ajay’s fault. The kid wasn’t hurt but got afraid”.

Sajid further says that soon they were surrounded by an angry mob of around 1000 people. ‘We tried to explain, but they were not in a mood to listen,’ said Sajid.

“Soon we started receiving blows on our heads. In another 10 minutes, Ajay’s father came to know about the incident and Veeru Ji reached the spot with around 150-200 fighters”, he added.

“What happened next was like a filmy scene. Veeru Ji came there and like it is in hindi movies, shouted -Kaun hai jisne mere bête ko haath lagaya (who is the one who touched my son). No sooner did he utter those words; it was pin drop silence all around. We also gathered some courage seeing all those stuntmetn”, revealed Sajid.

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