Exit poll results out for Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh & Telangana…..Read inside

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The exit polls suggest a clear victory for Congress in Rajasthan but a divided verdict in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. In, Telangana, it seems, TRS is all set to form the government if the exit polls are to be believed.

According to India Today Axis My India survey, Congress should get a minimum of 119 seats in Rajasthan while the maximum number of seats it might win could be 141. BJP is expected to win anything between 55 to 75 seats here. 

However, Times Now CNX survey gives Congress a flat 105 seats while it gives 85 seats to the BJP and seven to others.


India Today-Axis My India survey (Rajasthan)

BJP –55-72 ——–Congress -119-141

Times Now-CNX—- 85 ——– 85-105

In Chattisgarh, while Times Now CNX survey and India TV survey gives edge to the BJP, News Nation and Republic survey-C-Voters survey gives Congress a slight edge.


Times Now-CNX 

BJP —- 46 ————Cong —35


BJP —35-43 ———Cong—40-50 

News Nation

BJP — 38-42———Cong-40-44

India TV


Similarly, in Madhya Pradesh, Republic TV and Jan ki Baat gives a slight edge to BJP, Times Now CNX, India News MP-Neta, and India Today Axis My India gives a slight edge to the Congress.


Republic TV- Jan ki Baat

BJP– 108-128——Cong-95-115

India News MP Neta

BJP–106—Cong 112

India Today-Axis My India


In Telangana, Times Now CNX survey gives a full victory to  Congress with 67 out of a total of 119 seats while 37 could go to Congress and BJP may get anything less than 10. The survey suggests BJP will get 7 seats.


Times Now-CNX



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