Exposed: As Railways announces measures to tackle COVID-19, it reveals blankets are not washed every trip

The Hush Post | 6:24 pm | One-minute read |

The number of coronavirus infected cases is increasing fast in India. While the government is taking all sorts of precautions, the Indian Railways too has taken an initiative to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. The railways have declared the removal of all curtains and blankets from AC coaches in trains. However, the annnouncement has shocked Indian passengers. Railways has revealed that the blankets are not washed after every use.

A Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Central and Western Railways made the announcement on Saturday. The announcement read, “As per the extant instructions, curtains and blankets provided in AC coaches are not washed every trip”. The announcement further said, “In order to prevent spread of #COVID19 blankets and curtains should be immediately withdrawn from service till further orders”.

The news may seem reassuring; the announcement has however ticked off the netizens. The revelation that blankets aren’t washed every trip has infuriated social media users. People are wondering why the railways had to wait for a pandemic to become conscious of hygiene matters.

Some have even demanded that the price of AC train tickets should also be reduced as the ticket prices include all facilities and amenities provided on the train.

Meanwhile, Union minister for railways has shared images of train coaches being cleaned on social media.


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