Polling agent arrested in Faridabad trying to influence voters | WATCH VIDEO

Polling agent arrested
Polling agent arrested

The Hush Post|9:21 am |one-minute-read|

A polling agent in Faridabad was arrested after he allegedly tried to influence voters in the sixth round of the national election on Sunday. The action was taken after a video emerged on Twitter and was brought to the notice of the Haryana election body.

The video shows a man in blue t-shirt siting at his table inside a polling booth at Asaoti in Faridabad’s Prithala.

“Prompt action taken. FIR lodged. Person behind bars. Observer enquired the matter personally and is satisfied that polling was never vitiated,” the District Election Office in Faridabad tweeted.

Women voters can be seen in a queue inside the room. The man walks up to the voting compartment as a woman prepares to cast her vote, appears to press a button on the voting machine before returning to his seat. He repeats the act with two other women.

In the video, no other official present in the room tried to stop the man from going to the voting compartment.

Several people tagged the Haryana election body’s Twitter handle and demanded action against the erring official.

The local election office said the polling agent was trying to influence “at least 3 lady voters” and that senior election officials visited the booth. The man was arrested on Sunday evening.

The Election Commission of India said it will study the report of the Faridabad election observer before deciding further action.


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