Teacher elopes with Class X male student, they go to Hisar, Delhi, Katra before the teacher is arrested

teacher arrested

The Hush Post: A 26-year-old teacher eloped with her 15-year-old student. The teacher and the student went missing on Friday. It came to light after the Principal of the private school suspecting more than met the eye, called the parents of both, the teacher and the student.

The teacher is from Fatehabad, Haryana and so is the student. Meanwhile, the boy’s father has registered a complaint against the teacher with the police of kidnapping with the intention of murder. The boy’s father alleged that the teacher tried to lure the boy on many occasions. The two would interact more than would normally happen. They had eachother’s mobile number and were connected to one another on social media as well.

On Monday the teacher and the student were produce in front of the magistrate while the teacher was sent to judicial custody.

After the two of them eloped, they went to Hisar and then Delhi. From there they went to Katra, which was where the boy’s last location was found.

Meanwhile, any physical relationship or violence has been ruled out by the OI, saying that it does not appear that any physical relationship happened at that time.


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