Father finds obscene video of daughter with boyfriend, she accuses father of sexual abuse, lodges FIR

The Hush Post | 2:00 pm | One-minute read

A man from Ranchi on finding an obscene video of her daughter, confronted and scolded her, but ended up having an FIR lodged against him by his own daughter.

According to a news report, the man found the video of her daughter with her boyfriend when she gave him the mobile phone for repair. He scolded her daughter after finding the video. He also restricted her movement outside her home. Her mother was asked to go with her if she had to go out.

After all these restrictions, the daughter reportedly visited the women’s police station in her area. First, she accused her father of mental torture. But she was reluctant to give a written complaint.

But on Tuesday, she came back again to the police station and lodged an FIR accusing her father of sexual abuse.

The police reportedly said that they were doubtful because the girl was changing her statements. However, the police said that they are investigating the case. If the girl’s allegations are true, actions will be taken against her father.

According to the police, the girl does not want to live with her father and has agreed to live with her uncle.


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