Father has last beer with sons before death in hospital |WATCH VIDEO

last beer with sons

The Hush Post| 11:19 pm|one-minute-read|

A picture of a father raising toast to the last beer with his sons is going viral on Twitter and it has left the social media with a heavy heart.

Adam Schemm, a native of Wisconsin recently shared a picture of his grandfather on his last night along with his sons.

The tweet was shared with the caption, “My grandfather passed away today. Last night all he wanted to do was to have one last beer with his sons.”

The picture shows Schemm’s grandfather on his hospital bed smiling for the camera while he holds his beer surrounded by his four sons. All of them were drinking beer with him, according to his last wish. Another user wrote, “Did the same thing with my dad in May. Cold beer and a Yankee game. My condolences.”

The picture was shared on November 21, 2019 and has now gone viral and has more than 13k retweets, more than 151k likes and over 2,000 comments.

Twitterati poured in their condolences and some even shared their experiences which were quite similar.

One Twitter user shared a picture of her family with her grandmother on the hospital bed with the caption, “My grandmom did the same thing but with shots of Bailey’s.”



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