Female teacher has sex with adopted 15-year-old student

Female teacher has sex

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Female teacher has sex with adopted 15-year-old student in Trenton, New Jersey. The married female teacher first adopted the teenaged student only for the sake of having sex with him. The incident took place in Trenton, New Jersey. Authorities have suspended the teaching license of the teacher.

45-year-old Rayna Culver adopted the boy in 2016 when he was 15. Rayna became her legal guardian after the boy’s parents kicked him out of the family. The boy claims that Rayna used to have sex with him daily.

Trial is underway in the matter. Trenton Police arrested Culver in May 2017. She has been on leave from her post at the school since then.

It has now emerged that the state’s board of examiners voted to suspend Rayna Culver’s teaching license during a meeting in September.

A final review of the teaching licence will take place once the case is over.

According to the boy, Rayna Culver repeatedly had sex with him after she and her husband adopted him. The teen allegedly told police the sexual encounters were, at first, consensual, but that Culver voiced her anger when he told her he wanted them to stop.

Culver first met the boy in 2013 when he was a middle school student and became his guardian in 2016. She has strongly denied the claims made against


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