Detox food your kitchen should have after festival of sweets & nuts

detox food

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With the festive season nearing its end, giving your body the much-needed rest is a wise decision. More so, the digestive system after all the gobbling down of mithais, heavy food in parties one after another sometimes leaves you health-deprived.
Here is a list of few items which are usually present in the kitchen which can help you get back to your normal routine.
If you have gulkand at home, nothing better than that to detox from overeating or eating unhealthy. Gulkand provides your body with good prebiotics and probiotics so that your digestion and gut health is restored.
Sweet potato or jimikand or arbi in one of the meal course is a good idea.
Increase the amount of ghee in your diet or end the meal with shakkar-chawal or shakkar-roti.

Sugarcane is the biggest detox which cleans your liver naturally

The biggest detox of India is sugarcane juice or simply chewing sugarcane if you have access to it. It cleans the liver naturally.
Bell peppers (yellow,green, red capsicum) are a good source of fibre and different vitamins. They are antioxidants, keep the heart healthy and maintain blood pressure levels. Try and use them raw in your salads,as dressings or as toppings on various recipes. You should be able to feel their crunch when you eat them.
Cauliflower It works by providing enzymes to the body that encourage it to carry out its natural detoxification processes
Coriander / celery One of the best ways to use celery on a detox is to sprinkle it chopped over food, juice it or make a chutney.
Broccoli is a unique combination of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and even protein that it brings into your diet
Sprouts Sprinkle a generous amount of sprouted moongi, black grams on your food. They give you a natural detox. Add in plenty to get the full detox effect.
Mustard Greens contain antioxidants that help curb inflammation in the body.

Peas They contain both fibre and protein, and are antioxidant as well. The fibre will help keep you regular and the protein will help you feel satiated between meals.
Tomatoes The lycopene in tomatoes helps to protect the liver from damage so that it can do its job of filtering out toxins more effectively. Cooked tomatoes are as good as raw as they release more lycopene.
Apples are a great detox food because of the special fibre pectin they contain. It helps to whisk out toxins from the body and helps to keep you regular. The flavonols in apples help to ward off cancer and its antioxidants support brain health.

Banana also detoxifies your body after the variety of diet with loads of sugar and fat

Bananas are so good that eating a banana-only diet is a complete detox. Nonetheless, you can enjoy bananas along with other foods in order to help the body get rid of toxins.
Lemons The best way to get maximum benefit is to add it to the water you’ll be drinking on your detox. The vitamins and nutrients will seep into the water and provide you with Vitamin C and enzymes that support your detox organs.
Oranges You’ll have your Vitamin C needs met for the day by consuming just one orange helping to support your immune system. Store-bought orange juice is not recommended due to the added sugar.
Papayas do more than you think they do. They are rich in minerals including magnesium and folate, excellent source of fibre, Vitamins A and K and lycopene
Pears have the same type of fibre as apples, pectin, which helps to cleanse the colon and can be very beneficial on a detox program. Enjoy whole, juiced, or in a detox smoothie.
Chickpeas have the combination of fibre and protein that you need for your detox. They also provide minerals in the form of folate, zinc, selenium among others. They can be consumed roasted or mashed for a hummus.
Lentils/ Pulses are digested slowly by the body. An excellent source of minerals and fibre, they take the place of meat while you are detoxing. Easy on digestion, and relatively low on your budget, they are very alkalizing for the body.
Garlic is a well-known cleansing agent, and its healing properties can be contributed to the allicin it contains.
Ginger The benefits ginger provides to your digestive system make it a natural detox food, and anti-inflammatory.

Radishcucumber, mushrooms, onions, turnips, cinnamon (dalchini) are some other detox.


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