5 robbers fire in air, throw chilli powder & snatch Rs 5 from Delhi businessman

delhi robbery

The Hush Post: It proved to be a joke of a robbery. A gang of five robbers targeted a businessman in east Delhi a few weeks ago. They had hoped to get richer by at least Rs 5 lakh each.  The businessman they targeted was a 43-year-old resident of Shahdara who runs a factory that makes foam and jacket insides.

The alleged mastermind, 35-year-old Ifthekaar Khalid, runs a jacket-manufacturing unit in Maujpur and was a customer of the businessman. “Khalid was aware that businessmen in these neighbourhoods usually return home with lakhs of rupees of cash every day. He would observe large figures in the transaction slips of this particular businessman and planned to rob him,” said Meghana Yadav, deputy commissioner of police (Shahdara).

So, Khalid roped in four of his friends. They carried out a recce and planned to confront the businessman on his way home. On May 26 when Khalid observed the businessman taking note of the large transactions, they decided to go for it.

“He expected the businessman to carry home Rs 25-30 lakh in cash that evening. A thick bag carried by the businessman further raised his hopes of a big loot,” said the officer.delhi robbery

Little did they know that as a matter of practice, the businessman never carried heavy cash home. “My bag appeared thick because of clothes and a tiffin box,” said the businessman, requesting anonymity fearing he may be targeted again. But when they checked the bag they had snatched, each had only one rupee as share. So all they could rob this businessman was of Rs 5.

Their misfortune did not end there. On Wednesday, two of them were arrested and the remaining three were identified by the cops. Given the stringent laws under which they have been booked, they could be punished with rigorous imprisonment for 10 years if convicted.

Luckily for the businessman concerned, the robbers did not check the pockets of the businessman who was carrying over Rs 10,000 in cash. Since the gang had no experience in stealing vehicles, they weren’t able to sell the scooter either. The scooter has been recovered.

The robbery was followed by registration of a case of robbery at the Anand Vihar police station.


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