Foreigner rescues six girls from child marriage in Rajasthan

The Hush Post | 5:35 pm | One-minute read

A 24-year-old Dutch woman saved six minor girls from Pushkar district of Rajasthan as they were forced to get married by their parents today.

According to the reports, the girl, Jaira Sona Chin, is a student of International development studies in the south and southeast Asia. She frequently visits Rajasthan and works with the local NGO’s to ensure proper education for the children.

She reportedly got the information about the incidents from one of her local friends. After that, she contacted Child Rights and You (CRY), an NGO which works for children’s welfare in India. The NGO then turned to Women’s Public Rights Committee which further reported the matter to the local police.

The police carried out search operations on Sunday and found the information to be true. The police team is reportedly keeping an eye on the families of the girls to see if they are trying to marry them off secretly. The six girls belonged to the Nat community in Rajasthan.

Jaira reportedly said that when she visited Pushkar in the year 2016, she saw few boys from Nat community begging on streets. On her next visit, she met Giriraj Gujariya, principal of a school in Pushkar, and convince them to enrol 40 children from Nat community in his school.

It was him who gave her the information that an 11-year-old girl and her siblings did not come to school for more than a month.

When they further inquired, they found that besides these girls, four others are about to be married between October 16 and 18 in Nasirabad.


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