Former Pakistani envoy Abdul Basit mistook adult film actor for Kashmiri man

The Hush Post | 5:20 pm | One-minute read

Former High Commissioner of Pakistan to India, Abdul Basit mistook adult film actor Johnny Sins for a Kashmiri man who lost his vision due to pellets.

The former Pakistan envoy retweeted a post which read, “Yousuf from Ananthnag lost vision from pellet…. Pls raise your voice.” However, the retweeted photo was a still from an adult video which featured Johnny Sins and Angeline Valentine.

The tweet was later deleted by Basit. Pakistan based journalist Naila Inayat shared the screenshots of Basit’s tweet on her Twitter handle.

Her tweet has been shared widely across different social media platforms and more than 10,000 people have liked the tweet.

Twitterati did not let the opportunity to make memes of Basit’s faux pas.


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