Former UK model marries her pet dog on live TV after 221 failed dates

The Hush Post | 5:10 pm | One-minute read

More she saw men more she loved her dog.

In an episode of British breakfast show ‘This Morning’, ex-page 3 model Elizabeth Hoad married her pet dog on live TV. After her 221 unsuccessful dates, Elizabeth came on the show to tell the audience that she was done with men and was happy with her pet.

She wanted to tell the audience that she had found true love in her six-year-old dog named Logan. She told the hosts of the show that she had decided to marry her pet dog after 221 failed dates and 4 failed engagements. Further, she said, “It was like we were meant to meet. He has saved me many times and I have saved him. I was broken before I got him. I got a dog behaviorist when I first got him and she said he had saved me.”

The viewers were shocked as the UK model married the dog. Since then, the incident has gone viral. One of the Twitter users wrote, “This is it, the pinnacle of humanity. All downhill from here. Honestly, this program has gone considerably down the toilet.”


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