Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana, to pay compensation of Rs 55 lakh

fortis hospital ludhiana

The Hush Post:  The Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana, has been asked by the State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission to pay ? 55 lakh as compensation in a case of medical negligence. The hospital has also been asked to pay ?33,000 as litigation costs.

68-year-old Rita Jain was admitted to the hospital in May 2016 for brain tumour surgery but she died within 10 days due to medical negligence. The surgery was performed the next day, due to bleeding one more operation was conducted after two days.

Rita’s husband Anil Jain from Jammu had alleged that the support ventilation system of the hospital was improper which resulted in the death of the patient. The couple has two daughters and a son.

“The hospital must pay ?55 lakh for the expenses occurred and for the pain, sufferings, loss of love and affection on account of loss of the wife of the complainant,” said the commission.

Initially, the patient showed signs of recovery after the surgery and started responding through her eyes and limbs. She was then in Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU). Thereafter, she was on artificial ventilation. On May 30, she was moved to Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV).

The complaint added that subsequent to the shifting of the patient to PSV, it came to light that the hospital staff did not hold the ‘basic expertise’ to handle the mechanism.

“Abnormally excess oxygen was inserted into the patient, resulting in serious injury to her lungs causing a cardiac arrest, which proved to be fatal. The cause of cardiac arrest was pneumothorax, which is an injury which results from excessive oxygen in the lungs,” her husband said, while talking to The Hindustan Times.

“The cause of death mentioned in the death summary is sudden cardiac arrest due to the lung injury (pneumothorax),” he further added.






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