Four Pakistanis, including Muslim woman granted Indian citizenship today

Pak citizen's given citizenship

The Hush Post| 5:31 pm|one-minute-read|

Amid Anti-citizenship Act protests, four people are finally the citizens of India. Three Pakistan youths were granted Indian citizenship in Vavadi village of Gujarat, on Saturday.

Harsingh Sodha, Sarup Singh Sodha and Parbat Singh Sodha are the ones who got Indian citizenship. They got citizenship papers from Rajkot MP Mohan Kundaria.

On Wednesday (December 18) a Muslim woman from Pakistan named Hasina Ben also received Indian citizenship. This, after she returned back to India following her husband’s death.

She had applied for Indian citizenship about two years ago.

The Ministry of Home Affairs on Friday (December 20) released the five clauses under the Citizenship Act under which one will be eligible for getting Indian citizenship.
Under the clause, a person can acquire Indian citizenship by birth, by descent, by registration, by naturalization, or by incorporation of territory.


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