Four people killed in car and truck collision, 8-month-old girl dies

The Hush Post: Four people were killed in a car and a truck collision in Karnal (Haryana) early this morning. The dead included two women and a child. The accident took place on the flyover near Shamgarh village. All the deceased were from Delhi and were returning from Amritsar.

The dead were identified as Saurabh Chopra, 30, his wife Bhavna, their eight month old daughter Tusareka, and Saurabh’s mother-in-law Bala who was  58 years old. The car’s fuel tank caught fire right after the collision with the truck and all the occupants were burnt alive.

The police arrived at the spot immediately after getting the information of the incident. According to the police, the car was so badly burnt that it was difficult to identify the dead people. The driver may have fallen asleep while driving and collided in the truck coming from the opposite direction.


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