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If you have currency notes of Rs 2000, here is cause for you to worry
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Come April 1 and get ready to witness some important financial changes. Here are five important changes that will impact your pocket in the next financial year.

It is estimated that as the new financial year kicks in, the prices of petrol and diesel could skyrocket.  The prices of crude oil are increasing constantly and are showing no signs of abating. Experts believe that the oil companies could pass on the extra cost to the customers.

Air travel could also get costlier in the next few days. A government committee has proposed extracting more passenger service fee (PSF) from air travelers. Customers will end up paying more for air travel if the proposal is implemented.

Coronary stents, used for the cure of heart ailments, are expected to become costlier April 1 onwards. The present costs of the coronary stents are applicable till March 2019 only. Though, the price rise may be minimal.

From April 1 many car manufacturing companies are set to increase the prices of cars. Reports say Tata Motors, Jaguar Land Rover India, Toyota Kirloskar Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra have already announced to hike the prices of their cars. Cars could get costlier by 25 to 73 thousand this financial year.

The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) used in vehicles and the Piped Natural Gas (PNG) could become dearer by 18 percent in April. The increase in prices will directly hamper the manufacturing, travel and energy sectors.


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