WATCH VIDEO: Getting off the running car and dancing is a new challenge…Know more

The challenge involves stepping out of one’s moving vehicle and dancing next to car.

The Hush Post: A brand new “dance challenge” has swept the internet and everyone is busy recording themselves doing the “Kiki dance” and posting it on the internet. The “Kiki Challenge” started out as a simple dance challenge but has now emerged with a new twist that involves stepping out of one’s moving vehicle and dancing next to car.




“Kiki Challenge” has become an instant hit with hundreds of “Kiki Dance” videos being uploaded on the internet till date. This dance challenge is becoming increasingly popular especially in the US, Jordan, UAE, Egypt and other European nations. The Dubai Police, however, has issued a warning to the residents against performing this challenge, given the danger it poses.

The trend started when rapper Drake shared his latest single “In My Feelings” on the social media. The song kicks off with an opening line – “Kiki, do you love me? Are you riding?” probably revealing as to why the trend has come to be known as “Kiki Challenge”.

The first ever Kiki Challenge dance video was posted by a comedian named Shiggy who has around 1.6 million followers.  Ever since, the crazy dance challenge has attracted a lot of youth dancing to Drake’s “feelings” and at the same time has pushed the song higher on the music charts.


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