Ghaziabad police rescue five rare owls worth Rs 1 crore

The Hush Post | 7:10 pm | One-minute read

Five rare owls worth Rs 1 crore were rescued by Ghaziabad police from getting sacrificed on Diwali night. According to the reports, the owls were being delivered to an occultist by two men and they were arrested by the police near sector 5-6 culvert in Vaishali area.

The accused have been identified as Pradeep and Sumit and they were carrying the owls in a bucket. Both of them have been sent to jail.

It is a belief that the sacrifice of an owl, the mount of Goddess Laxmi, ward off the bad luck from one’s life and brings prosperity. The occultist was about to do the same with the rescued owls.

Senior police officer Maneesh Mishra reportedly informed that the rescued owls were handed over to the forest department and a police team is making efforts to trace other exorcists active in the area.


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