9-yr-old girl killed in lift mishap | Leg gets stuck in gap between lift, door

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The Hush Post/ 05:00 pm / 1-min-read

A nine-year-old girl died after she got stuck within the narrow space between her building’s lift and its duct in Hyderabad.

Lasya Yadav was taking the lift up to the third floor at around 12.30 pm in Hastinapuram North Extension Colony on Friday when the accident happened, police said. The family had recently moved to the newly-built three-storied house.

Her leg accidentally got stuck in the narrow gap between the lift doors and the duct. Before she could pull her leg out, someone pressed the button on the third floor and the lift started moving up even when its outer grill was open.

“As a result, part of Lasya’s body also got crushed between the wall of the duct and the lift,” the police said.

The lift maintenance staff struggled for nearly two hours to rescue Lasya.

“She was immediately taken to the nearby hospital, where she was pronounced brought dead,” the police said, adding that a case of accidental death was registered in the case.



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