Girl walks 80 kms on foot to marry her fiance in Uttar Pradesh


In an Indian wedding, normally it’s the groom who visits the bride’s house. But coronavirus seems to have changed the customs. Interestingly, a girl in Uttar Pradesh walked 80 kilometers on foot to wed her fiance.

19-year-old girl Goldie from Kanpur had been engaged to Virendra Kumar in Kannauj district. Both were slated to get married on May 4. But the coronavirus lockdown didn’t let her go ahead with the marriage and it had to be postponed.

With no signs on lockdown ending, Goldie feared that her marriage could be deferred again. Goldie’s patience started wearing in she decided to go to Kannauj.

One fine morning early this week, she sneaked out of her house to marry Virendra. She took off alone and marched 80 kms from Kanpur to Kannauj. Goldie reached there well in time by evening.

As Goldie’s parents ran helter-skelter in search of her, Virendra’s parents called them up and passed on the information. Both the parties tried to persuade Goldie and wed as per customs, but failed to do so.

The gritty girl put her foot down, forcing forcing her sweetheart and his parents to bow to her wishes.

Parents finally arranged a wedding for the couple and the marriage was solemnized.


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