Give me red, say your lips…

The Hush Post: A good red lipstick…whenever we wear red, we think twice. We can’t stop ourselves from gazing in the mirror, if we wear red. We ask ourselves ten times or even more, we even need an authentication from a third party, apart from the mirror. Most of us would love to wear red, but we hesitate. We see celebrities flaunt their red lips with great panache on magazine covers, public events, award ceremonies, etc. They have professional make-up artists to help them out to give them a perfect look, don’t get too ambitious to get the same look if you are doing it on your own. Yes, if a make-up artist is doing it for us, then you surely need to ask for the moon. We can’t rush to the parlour each time we feel like wearing red on our lips, read on for a few tips for doing it on your own…

Red lipstick is a statement piece, it is important to keep the rest of your makeup toned down.

For a formal look, you can use the following, if you possess them:

  • Lip balm: To make sure your lips are even, not chapped, to take on the right red hue
  • Lip base or primer: This is for added moisture and it also helps lipstick stay longer, spread it evenly
  • Lip liner: This will serve as a guide to apply your lipstick so that it does not trespass the outer boundaries of the lips
  • Red lipstick: Here you need to know your skin tone.. Bold brights look great against darker skin tones.  Most Indian women have warm skin tones (lean peachy, yellow, or golden). If you have a dusky complexion, then deep red, burgundy, brick red shades will work for you. For medium or golden skin tones, shades like pink red, fire red and cool red will look good. If you have a fair complexion, you can try shades like coral, peach, and rose-red.
  • Concealer: To keep the lips clean and crisp, apply concealer on the edges with a brush.

For a casual ‘lazy girl lipstick trick’, all you need is your lipstick of choice, lip balm, and a tissue.

Don’t apply too much of the balm, just moisturise your lips, blot the balm with the tissue to take off the excess .

Then apply lipstick by patting on with your ring finger, blot and spread the colour from the centre of your lips to the outer edges and sides. This way the colour really gets pressed into your mouth with the heat of your hands. Using your finger settles the lippie more nicely than just being rubbed on cold lips. Keep the edges soft and a bit blurred for a more modern finish

  • Remember, there’s no set rule as to which is the right red lipstick for you, just go with what you like.
  • Pair red lipstick with the lightest possible eye makeup. Smoky eyes and red lips look best for the evening. Heavy eye makeup with red lipstick will leave you looking childish or costume-like.
  • Keep your whole look in mind, think about what you are wearing, including accessories. Often a punchy red lip can be the perfect lift to an all-black outfit or a white.
  • Texture of the lipstick is important, especially bolder colours. The last thing you want to be doing is constantly smushing your lips together because your lipstick is too dry or chalky and then looking in a mirror to see it all around your mouth and teeth.
  • The most classic look available is a matte red lip. Matte lipsticks are the longest lasting and won’t feather over time.
  • Keep neutral eyes with soft skin for a clean look and for the red to give its due.
  • If you have thin lips, avoid deep reds because they tend to make lips look smaller.
  • Avoid applying red lipstick or brushing it up casually in the back of a car
  • Lastly, confidence pulls the red off very nicely, just that the lipstick should not stick to your teeth or wander out the edges of your lips


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