Rahul Gandhi enjoys his private trip in Goa

The Hush Post | 18:40 | One-minute read

Congress President Rahul Gandhi and his mother Sonia Gandhi were on a private trip in Goa for three days. During this trip, the top leaders of the party were having a quiet Sunday lunch at a beach shack restaurant. A local dentist, Rachana Farnandes, who was also sitting there with her relatives, was surprised to see the duo without any security.

Posting her picture with Rahul Gandhi on social media platform, she said, “awed by his charm and modesty”. She further said that when she asked for a photograph with him, he said he would after he settles the bill. And when the bill was paid by Rahul, he offered to take a picture with her. She said, “He is too nice to be in the bad, bad world of politics,”

In the picture Rahul Gandhi was seen wearing a blue T-shirt and all smiling.

According to Goa Congress, the party President and Sonia Gandhi were on a private visit, hence no official engagements scheduled during his stay at a five-star resort in Goa.

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