Woman tries to deliver baby by watching DIY video, goes wrong, mother-infant dies

DIY birth goes wrong

The Hush Post| 14:49 pm |two-minute-read

Sometimes Do It Yourself (DIY) can go terribly wrong and that is what clearly happened when a woman tried to deliver a baby watching a video and trying to copy it. A woman in Gorakhpur and her new-born died allegedly after DIY went terribly wrong.

The 25-year-old woman, who was unmarried reportedly tried delivering the child at home while watching ‘how to deliver baby by self’ on YouTube.

The woman whose identity we do not know or has been purposely hidden, was found dead inside her rented room, along with the body of her son, lying in a pool of blood, with a scissors, a blade and some thread nearby and her mobile phone had the video playing.

According to the landlord, the woman who is originally from Bahraich, had approached him and had rented the room just four days ago and had told him that her mother will be coming soon to help her in hospital.

Police said the woman had been living in Gorakhpur for the past four years and was preparing for competitive exams.

It is still unclear why she took the room and tried delivering the child herself and not getting admitted in a hospital.

It is believed that the woman who was unmarried feared her status of being a single and wanted to hide it from people who knew her. Thus she tried to keep the childbirth a secret.

According to police, the woman’s family have been informed. However, no FIR has been lodged.

There are innumerable videos and tutorial available online of DIY but medical interventions are clearly a strict no-no as per the experts.


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