Gujarat BJP MLA Balram Thavani first kicks a woman, then makes her tie a Rakhi

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The woman whom Balram Thavani, the BJP MLA from Naroda in Gujarat, was seen kicking yesterday, was today photographed tying a Rakhi on to his hands.

Thavani reportedly apologized to Nitu Tejwani, a local NCP leader, after the yesterday’s disgraceful incident and the woman responded by the sisterly gesture in return.

Thavani said that Tejwani was akin to his sister. “She’s like my sister, I have apologized to her for what happened yesterday. We have cleared out the misunderstandings between us. I have promised to help her if she ever needs any help,” he told ANI.

“Thavani told me that he thought of me like his sister. He said he had no wrong intentions and I have also accepted him as a brother”, stated Tejwani as saying.

Notably, a video had gone viral showing Thavani beating a woman. The woman had come to meet Thavani at his office to make a complaint about scarcity of water and the incident happened just outside his office.


Earlier, the BJP leader said he acted in ‘self-defence’.

The MLA put out an elaborate explanation of what prompted his action. “I talked to them and asked them to come and meet me on Monday at 11AM as it was a Sunday and there was nothing i could do. A crowd had gheraoed me, and while I was talking someone from the crowd hit me from behind,” DNA quoted him as saying. He said soon a stampede like situation followed and everyone tried to get out of the office in a rush. “Everyone was trying to save themselves and so was I . Emma Lat lagi gayi hashe (In the melee a kick or punch would have landed on the woman),” Thawani said.

Meanwhile, reacting to the episode, bollywood actress Raveena Tandon tweeted, “Such drama”.


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