Man pastes driving license, RC, insurance on helmet to avoid being inquired by traffic police while driving

The Hush Post | 6:55 pm | One-minute read

To avoid any penalty while driving, a man residing in Vadodra district of Gujarat pasted his driving license, Registration Certificate, Vehicle insurance and all the important documents on his helmet.

Ram Shah, the man who did this, reportedly said that this will help him and he won’t get fined. He said, “Helmet is the first thing I put on before riding a bike. That is why I pasted all the documents on it so I don’t face any fines as per new traffic regulations.”

According to the reports by India Today, the man works as an insurance agent and travels across the city by his two-wheeler. So, whenever a police officer stops him, he just shows his helmet.

As the Indian Express reports, the BJP led Gujarat government was not much convinced by the new motor vehicle act. But still, this way to safeguard oneself from penalties is innovative and amusing at the same time.


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