Thief’s son returns stolen jeep to owner after 35 years in Gujarat


The Hush Post: In Gujarat, a jeep of a family got stolen about 35 years ago. On Wednesday, the jeep was returned to its rightful owner.

A family of Chalva village of Lakhani taluka in Banaskantha district, found their jeep stolen around 35 years ago.

On Wednesday an unidentified man from Rajasthan left the jeep outside the house of Dinesh Soni.

Soni, 40, whose father, Sunil, had bought the vehicle around 35 years ago. When the jeep was returned an unknown man from Rajasthan reportedly told the family that his grandfather had stolen the jeep.

The man stole the jeep because he was in distress and thought the vehicle might help him revive travelling business.

“This is nothing but miracle that the jeep has been returned to us. My father had spent Rs 1 lakh at that time which was a big amount,” said Dinesh, who runs a jewellery shop in the village. He said that no police complaint was ever filed.

On Thursday, the family celebrated the return of their jeep by offering 20 grams of gold to their deity. Dinesh’s son Rohit said that “the person who came with the jeep didn’t meet us. They left the vehicle near our house and informed one of our relatives that his grandfather had stolen this jeep to earn his livelihood. The person also told the relative that after his grandfather informed him about it, he came to return the jeep.”

The Soni family members said that the jeep has come only with the blessing of the god. “The jeep is not in the good condition but it is irrelevant now,” Dinesh reportedly said.

On the other hand, when asked if any cognisance has been taken, Banaskantha District Superintendent of Police Pradeep Shejul said, “We are verifying the facts. No cognisance has been taken as yet.


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