Leopard attacks dog sleeping outside house in Gujarat | Watch video

The Hush Post | 6:45 pm | One-minute read

In a scary incident, a leopard attacked a dog outside a house in Gujarat’s Amreli district. The CCTV footage of the incident went viral on social media.

The video was also shared by India Today. In the video, a dog can be seen sleeping outside the door of a house while a leopard comes in. It walked very silently towards the dog and pounced on it. However, the frightened dog managed to free itself and run. The leopard also cased the dog as it attempted to escape.

Watch the video here:


The video has been seen by more than 80,000 users on social media. The comment section of the video is filled with fear. “I hope the dog is fine! Couldn’t they just let the dog inside,” a user wrote.

It was unclear that the dog was alive or dead as the camera could only capture the leopard chasing the dog till a certain point.

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