Man bites dog owners, whose dog wouldn’t stop barking at the accused

man bites women


The Hush Post |18:26 pm |two-minute-read

Not dog bites a man, but “man bites a dog is news,” is a metaphor used for long to define what is news. And here is actually a case somewhat similar. In a bizarre incident, a man actually bit two women because their pet dog, who the accused Mahruf Khan alleged was stray used to bark at him and his family.

The incident took place in Isanpur area of Ahmedabad.

Mahruf says, many a time in the past, he apprised Qamar Jahan Banu that their dog barks at him unnecessarily. This time round when he again told her to rein in the dog, she started abusing him. Later her two daughters also joined. At this, Mahruf started hitting them but more than that he started biting them. He bit Qamarjahan and one of her daughters on the wrist.

While a complaint was filed against Mahruf, his father also filed a cross complaint alleging that Qamarjahan’s family hit them with iron rods.

Later, two members of Qamarjahan’s family and three of Mahruf had to be admitted to the hospital for treatment – two of them for serious wounds as a result of biting and others for other type of injuries.


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