Army jawan’s wife commits suicide as his leave period ended; wanted him not to go back

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In Gujarat, an Indian Army jawan’s wife committed suicide after her husband refused to heed to her request of not joining back duty after leave. 22-year-old Meenakshi Jethwa was found hanging from the ceiling fan by her husband Bhupendera Singh Jethwa, who was on leave, on Sunday morning.

The incident happened in Khambhaliya town of Devbhoomi Dwarka district.

Bhupendra Sinh Jethwa who is posted in Gulmarg, Jammu and Kashmir, had recently come home on leave.

According to Khambhaliya police station, Bhupendra and Meenakshi were married two years back. She earnestly requested her husband not to resume his duty. However as the leave period was ending, Jethwa insisted that he had to go and rejoin his duty.

The police also said that Jethwa’s family was told that Jethwa had a close escape when an avalanche hat hit the region recently.

With Jethwa lucky to escape the avalanche, Meenakshi became very apprehensive. Meanwhile, in a terror struck in Pulwama, 44 CRPF Jawans were martyred on Thursday, which made her more restless.

On Saturday night when the family members returned home after attending a social function, Bhupendra found his room upstairs locked inside. Thinking that Meenakshi must have gone to sleep, he decided not to disturb her and slept on the ground floor. On Sunday morning when Meenakshi did not open her room’s door, Bhupendra got anxious and forced it open. He found Meenakshi hanging from the ceiling fan.

The police said that the family is in an extremely shocked state following her suicide.


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