In Gujarat village voters fined for not voting, also no campaigning allowed here

The Hush Post | 3:10 pm | One minute read

This is the time when all the political parties across the country are putting their complete efforts to appeal to the voters in their favour. But then there is a village in Gujarat where the poll campaigning is banned. Locals of Rajsamadhiyaa village feel that allowing candidates to campaign would adversely affect the region.

The villagers are bound by a plethora of rules and regulations framed by VDC (Village Development Committee). Breaking any of these invokes monetary fine one of which is not casting vote during elections.

The Sarpanch of the village, Ashok Bhai Vaghera, said, “Campaigning is banned as the locals think it will disturb the environment. Half of the people will go to one side and the other half to other side. The political parties also understand this and supports us.”

As per NDTV reports, in order to ensure maximum participation during the casting of vote, a fine of Rs 51 is imposed on those who don’t vote.

“Every time our efforts are to reach 100 per cent voting but the voters list also contains the names of those who have died. Also, sometimes there are names of girls who left the village after marriage. However, we have managed to reach 95-96 percent of voting.”

According to the report by NDTV, the village has almost every modern amenity like Wi-Fi internet connection, CCTV cameras and RO plants for providing potable water. Also, a district level cricket ground is there in the village.

The 26 parliamentary constituencies of Gujarat will go to polls in the third phase on April 23. The counting will take place on May 23.

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