Muslim brothers in Gujarat performs last rites of Brahmin ‘uncle’ according to Hindu rituals

The Hush Post | 4:45 pm | One-minute read

Three Muslim brothers hailing from Amreli district of Gujarat cremated their Brahmin uncle in accordance with Hindu customs on Saturday.

According to the reports, Abu, Naseer and Zuber Qureshi wore traditional dhoti-kurta and janeu while performing the last rites of their uncle Bhanushankar Pandya.

Zuber reportedly said, “When Bhanushankar uncle was on his death bed, we procured Ganga Jal for him from a Hindu family. When he passed away, we told our neighbors that we wanted to perform his last rites in accordance with rituals followed by Brahmin families. We were told that janeu was a must to lift the bier. We readily agreed to it.”

The brother’s father Bhikhu Qureshi and Bhanushankar Pandya were friends for the last 40 years. Three years ago, Qureshi died leaving Pandya shattered.

One of the brothers, Abu reportedly said, “Bhanushankar uncle did not have a family. So when he fractured his leg many years ago, our father asked him to move with us and he became a part of our family.”

Naseer reportedly said that their children used to address Bhanushankar as ‘Dada’. Also, their wives touched his feet to seek his blessings.

“By performing Bhanushankar’s last rites in accordance with Hindu rituals, Abu, Naseer and Zuber have set an example in communal harmony,” said Parag Trivedi, vice-president Amreli Jila Brahm Samaj.

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