No one passes wind at Gujarat ‘fart competition’, only three participants performs

The Hush Post | 6:20 pm | One-minute read

Probably for the first time in India, a ‘fart competition’ was organized on Sunday in Gujarat’s Surat district. However, the event did not go well, as it was expected.

According to the reports, only three participants overcame their shyness and gave a try to bag one of the three trophies on offer. Those three also were not able to pass wind.

“While sixty people had registered for the competition for ‘longest’, ‘loudest’ and ‘most musical’ fart, only twenty turned up on Sunday at the venue. Out of these, only three took to stage, in front of 70 people in attendance along with some media channels,” said Yatin Sangoi, the organizer.

Further, he said, “The participants were hesitating to go on stage as they were probably shy and had inhibitions due to the presence of media, photographers, people, etc. We had even roped a firm to build a special device to measure the fart parameters.”

For his next event in Mumbai, Sangoi had planned to hold the competition with chambers to allow the participants to pass wind without being seen by the audience.

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