Old woman spends night trapped in a cage meant to catch leopards

The Hush Post| 05:00 pm| 2-min-read
A 70-year-old woman was found trapped in a cage meant to catch leopards outside a village on Friday at Tapi district in Gujarat. Officials of the Forest Department rescued the woman, Pamaniben Chaudhary, who remained caged from Thursday evening to Friday morning.
The woman had gone to see a doctor at a private clinic in the town with her son-in-law Devsingh. After reaching the clinic in Vyara town, Devsingh made his mother-in-law sit on a bench. He went to take some documents related to her check-up. When he returned, he found his mother-in-law missing. Devsingh then searched for her, but failed to trace her.
The woman’s nephew told mediapersons, “She told us that she fled from the clinic, fearing that the doctor would give her injection because of her knee pain”.
By the time, she was returning home, it was late. On the way, she spotted a cage and decided to spend the night inside it. She could not open the door of the cage in the morning so she remained trapped.
She tried to open the door of the cage but in vain. On Friday, she was rescued and handed over to her son-in-law.
Nearby farmers saw some movement in the cage which had been kept to trap leopards in the area. When they went near it, they saw a woman trapped inside, the Forest officials said.
The labourers and farmers opened the cage door to rescue the woman. The Forest Department was informed later.
Talking to a national daily, Divisional Forest Officer Anand Kumar said, “We had received information of a leopard being seen at Lotarva village so we had kept the cage there 15 days ago”. We have shifted the cage now to the interiors. he said.

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