Sessions court had ordered 28 years jail, High Court acquitted Madhu Kodnani the riots accused minister of Gujarat

Maya Kodnani
Maya Kodnani acquitted by Gujarat High Court.

The Hush Post: Naroda MLA and former Women and Child minister of Gujarat Maya Kodnani who was convicted in the Naroda Patya massacre for killing 97 Muslims, including 36 woman and 35 children, and sent to 28 years of imprisonment has now been acquitted by the Gujarat High Court.

In the lower courts, though, the witnesses had testified that Kodnani was at the spot and personally gave swords to rioters to attack Muslims. Kodnani then drove around Naroda all day, urging the mob to get to the Muslims and ‘kill’ them. The mobile locations of Kodnani too verified her presence and also the fact that she was present in most of these locations.

The mobile records were allegedly buried by the cops then. Kodnani also ignored notices for deposition by the Special Investigation Team which declared her an absconder in February 2009. Though, she got an anticipatory bail from a Sessions court.

In April 2013, the Gujarat government decided to seek death penalty for her by filing appealing in the High Court. In May 2013, the Gujarat government subsequently withdrew its decision to seek the death penalty.

Advocate APS Shergill says, “It is very surprising to note the twists and turns in the case. Hopefully they must have been based on irrefutable evidence, non-culpability and lack of evidence this time round.”

Senior advocate, Manoj Soin says, the media’s interpretation of law sometimes is inappropriate. “It all depends on what is presented as evidence in the court of law and depending upon that a conviction or acquittal is carried out.”

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