Two Fortis doctors arrested for medical negligence & death, to be produced in court shortly

Cardiologist Dr SS Murthy, Dr V Nagarjun have been found to be guilty of delay in treatment of the patient who died in 2017

The Hush Post: Two doctors of Fortis Hospital, Gurugram have been arrested. 

The doctors have been identfied as Dr SS Murti and Dr Vaja Nagarjun. They have been arrested in a case pertaining to medical negligence. In 2017, they treated a patient by the name of Seema Ghai, who had suffered a heart attack and could not be revived.
board inquiry had at that point of time found them prima facie responsible for “delay in proper treatment” of a 51-year-old woman who died of cardiac ar.

As per the medical board the doctors – chief cardiologist Dr Murthy and Dr V Nagarjun did not administer anti-platelet treatment which is what is done as per protocol. Seema was admitted on May 12, 2017, after she complained of chest pain.

As per the patient’s husband, Seema, a physiotherapist by occupation, was admitted to the hospital around 1.35 am on May 12. She was in full consciousness when she reached the hospital. An ECG was performed on her at 1.45 am in which there were some abnormalities.

On the bases of a medical board’s report, an FIR has been filed under Section 304 of the IPC. The attendants of the patient had alleged medical negligence on the part of the doctors.


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