Harley Davidson’s upcoming models: a tourer, a streetfighter and an electric motorcycle

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It will not be wrong to call Harley Davidson a role model for motorcycle manufacturers around the world. Their ability to adapt, courage to experiment with new models, risk-taking ability and foresight is amazing. That is the reason that they have thrived in the motorcycle segment around the world when others are merely surviving. Living up to their reputation H-D has announced a completely new range to motorcycles which will hit the market in coming years.

Harley Davidson LIVEWIRE.jpg
Harley Davidson LIVEWIRE

Harley Davidson is coming up with an electric motorcycle in 2019, the Harley Davidson `LIVEWIRE’ which will be a completely new segment for them. Once their first electric motorcycle is launched, they will come up with more in coming years.

H-D Livewire will come with a very distinct sound of its own, the sound of a jet turbine engine. Of course it’s not as loud as a jet turbine but loud enough to thrill the rider and be a head turner like all Harley Davidson motorcycles. This is a product worth waiting for from the stable of Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson Pan America 1250.jpg
Harley Davidson Pan America 1250

Apart from that, the company had announced a tourer Pan America 1250 which looks like a real badass. Though H-D has released images of the prototypes but as per the company the production model may look slightly different from the one shown in the pictures. It may have some changes in the design and features. This 1250cc motorcycle will have unique looks and commanding riding position. Pan America 1250 is going to an exciting product from H-D.

Another new offering and a first from Harley Davidson will be a 975 cc middle weight Streetfighter. Modern styling coupled with superior technology will translate it into a top performer on city streets. The prototype images have been released and the launch is scheduled in the year 2020.

Harley Davidson Streetfighter 975cc.jpg
Harley Davidson 975 cc Streetfighter

In the year 2021 as per the official H-D website they will be coming up with an exciting Harley Davidson 1250 Custom model. As you can see in the picture that it has a very aggressive stance with fat front and rear tyres coupled with muscular and stripped down styling and will command an imposing presence on the road.

Harley Davidson Custom 1250.jpg
Harley Davidson 1250 Custom

Pan America 1250, Streetfighter and Harley Davidson Custom 125 will come with a V-Twin engine. The company is planning their future products keeping in mind the changing motorcycle scenario and consumer demands.

Recently, Harley-Davidson announced small displacement motorcycle in the range of 250 cc – 500 cc. This is for Asian markets which may be developed in a strategic alliance with another manufacturer in Asia.

These new products will further enhance the brand value and turn more and more bikers towards the iconic brand.


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