“How can BJP accept Gopal Kanda’s support, I lost my sister and mother due to him,” asks airhostesses Geetika Sharma’s brother Ankit Sharma

Gopal Kanda

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Gopal Kanda, who is accused in the abetment to suicide case of airhostess Geetika Sharma, has strongly urged the Bharatiya Janta Party not to seek support of Gopal Kanda. Kanda still has a case against him.

Ankit Sharma said, “There is an 1,800-page report on the basis of which he can be convicted in the court in the Geetika Sharma suicide case. What are we doing as a nation if people like Kanda gives support for the sake of power to BJP or vice versa”

“Are we really asking for support to make government from criminals? I have lost my sister and mother seven years back. That suffering is still continuing. What kind of a nation are we? We’re asking hooligans to come forward and support some or the other party to make a government?” ” Geetika Sharma’s brother Ankit Sharma said.

He added, “In a state where beti bachao beti padhao is the slogan how can Kanda be elected who has serious charges against him. And if he is elected why is his support being sought.”

Airhostess Geetika committed suicide and later even her mother Anuradha Sharma committed suicide. Anuradha Sharma was found hanging from the same fan and in the same room as her daughter. In a suicide note, the 52-year-old government employee accused former Haryana minister Gopal Goyal Kanda and his close aide Aruna Chadha of forcing her and her daughter to take the extreme step.

Ankit Sharma said that he and his father were threatened and even beaten a couple of times to intimidate them.

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